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Br ush l ess se r v o mo t o r s

w i t h i n t eg r a t ed con t r o l l e r

Save Money and Troubles

A n ew wa y o f s a v i ng mon e y

A l l E l e c t r on i c s I n s i d e

MAC mo t o r


– Integrated Servo Motor

In the past building up a motion control

system was a complicated affair involv-

ing many componets:


• Indexer/controller

• Driver

• Motor with Encoder and Hall


• A lot of cabelling to connect all

these items

-and finally complicated software that

had to be programmed properly

It required a lot of expertise to make the

system function and the installation was

very time consuming and involved many

sources that could create faults. Elec-

trical noise from the cables carrying

the high motor currents added to the


JVL has reduced these problems to a

minimum by introducing of the Inte-

grated MAC motor on the motion control


In these motors the Indexer/controller,

Driver, Encoder and Hall sensor are all

built-in into one compact unit.

A software package, MacTalk, makes

set-up extremely easy and expansion

modules mounts directly into the

motorhousing to adapt the motor to

almost any application.

By investing in a modern integrated

MAC motor from JVL you achieve

the following benefits:

• Reduced material costs.

Because the drive and controller

are in the motor, most cabling to

a control panel is eliminated

• Reduced labor costs

With cabling eliminated, assembly

time is greatly reduced

• Better quality and reliability

• Fewer connections, less wiring

• Ease of serviceability

Because all electronics are self-

contained you simply change the


• Double supply facility to ensure that

position and parameters are main-

tained after emergency stop

• Switching noise from the drive

due to commutation is contained

in the motor

• Reduced setup time

6th order digital filter requires

only one tuning parameter for

load or reflected inertia

• OEM cost savings, the modular

approach means you only pay for

the functionality required








Hall sensor

Cable 1

Cable 2

Cable 3


MAC Motor

Previous system build-up

Modern system build-up