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What are the minimum purchase requirements for a tailor-made DIS sensor?
That depends on your requirements. For example, if you require a different bandwidth, a different range or a different cable, then the minimum order would be around 20 units.
If you require a different plastic housing, then that could affect the price of the sensor, or the minimum order requirements, or both. Generally, we maintain minimum order requirements of 500 sensors per year.

In the country list of distributors, I can’t find the country where I am located. However, I am interested in your products. What can I do?
We would advise you to contact a distributor in your vicinity. If that is still too far away, please contact DIS Sensors in the Netherlands.
We will ensure that you receive a suitable offer and arrange for the supply of your order.

I’d like to know the price of a certain type sensor, but I can’t find a webshop or price list on your website. How can I find out the price?
If you send the product code and the desired number of sensors to the distributor, they will send you an offer. If you use the product selector, you can directly request a quote online at the push of a button. 

Are DIS Sensors’ products always in stock?
No, not all DIS Sensors’ products are always in stock. However, some of our range is always in stock in the Netherlands.

What is the delivery time of DIS Sensors?
We maintain a standard delivery time of 6-8 weeks. The delivery time can naturally be shortened for urgent orders.






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