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Below you will find different kind of manuals which will help you to get the most out of your sensors as possible. If you experience problems installing or using the sensor after all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


CAN user manual & EDS-file selector
CAN user manual v4
CAN user manual v4B
CAN user manual v5
CAN user manual v6
CAN user manual Acceleration Safety Sensor DIS V1.6 original instructions

CAN user manual Inclination Safety Sensor DIS V1.7 original instructions 

CRC manual v0.2
QG65N2 Inclinometers user manual
QG65D Dynamic Inclinometers user manual V2.0

Sensor-firmware release notes

Release notes D-type CANopen Safety

Release notes F-type QGxxN CANopen 

Release notes QG40N Tilt switch

Release notes QG40N Tilt Switch SIL1

Release notes H-type QGxxD CANopen

Release notes DIS configurator CAN

Configurator manuals

Configure QG65/76 analog sensors with RS232 communication
Filter functionality for acceleration sensors                            
Set up a high pass filter, first order, for acceleration sensors
QG40N configurator manual
QG40N configurator preliminary flyer
DIS configuartor set CAN manual V1.0

Communication protocol
This document describes the RS232 communication possibilities with the QG65/76 analog sensors for internal DIS-use (automated calibration, configurator software etc.). Although made for internal DIS-use our customers are free to use RS232 communication with the sensor as long as they can adjust to our interface-convention described.



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