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Depending on your wishes and your requirements you can find the rotary encoder suitable for your situation by using our product selector.

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Are you not sure yet what sensor to choose? It is possible to view and compare the specifications of different rotary encoders which makes it easier for you to find the right sensor.

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Here we only list DIS Sensors standard models. If you cannot find the right sensor after all, please contact us.

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CompareProduct picture Model Resolution CenteringShaftConnectionNon LinearityCertificationPdf
QR30N-090HB-VK12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR30N-090HB-IK12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR30N-180HB-IK12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR30N-180HB-VK12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR30N-360HB-IK11 bit (0,18°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR30N-360HB-VK12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40EMN-090HB-I-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR40EMN-360HB-I-CM-UL11 bit (0,18°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR40EMN-090HB-V-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR40EMN-360HB-V-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR30N-090HB-VK-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR30N-180HB-VK-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR30N-360HB-VK-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoNoPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40EMN-180HB-I-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR40EMN-180HB-V-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR30-360KI-CK32 pulses/rev.NoNoPVC cablen.a.CE
QR30-360LI-CK64 pulses/rev.NoNoPVC cablen.a.CE
QR30-360MI-CK128 pulses/rev.NoNoPVC cablen.a.CE
QR30-360NI-CK256 pulses/rev.NoNoPVC cablen.a.CE
QR30-360PI-CK1024 pulses/rev.NoNoPVC cablen.a.CE
QR40EMN-090HB-V-CM-UL-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR40EMN-180HB-V-CM-UL-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR40EMN-360HB-V-CM-UL-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1°CE, UL
QR40-090HBS-IK12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40-090HBS-VK12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40-180HBS-IK12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40-180HBS-VK12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40-360HBS-IK11 bit (0,18°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40-360HBS-VK12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40-360HBS-VK-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR46-090HB-V2-P0,1CS3p12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPUR cable<± 1°CE
QR46-090HB-I-P0,1CS3p12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPUR cable<± 1°CE
QR46-120HB-V2-P0,1CS3p12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPUR cable<± 1°CE
QR46-120HB-I-P0,1CS3p12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPUR cable<± 1°CE
QR46-150HB-V2-P0,1CS3p12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPUR cable<± 1°CE
QR40EMN-090HB-2I-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40EMN-180HB-2I-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40EMN-360HB-2I-CM-UL11 bit (0,18°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40-180HBS-VK-5V12 bit (0,09°)NoYesPVC cable<± 1°CE
QR40EMN-090HB-2V-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40EMN-180HB-2V-CM-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40EMN-360HB-2V-CM-UL11 bit (0,18°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40EMN-090HB-2V-CM-5V-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40EMN-180HB-2V-CM-5V-UL12 bit (0,09°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL
QR40EMN-360HB-2V-CM-5V-UL11 bit (0,18°)NoNoM12<± 1,5°CE, UL

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