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DIS Sensors is a production company which is part of Rotero Holding. The holding consists of 5 independent operating companies, each specialized in a different range of products and with their own customers. Therefore we are able to call in experts which lead to synergy and better results for the client. In total 50 very enthusiastic and highly qualified persons are working within the holding and they have all one goal: "the best solution for the customer."

Rotero Holding comprises:

Rotero Holland and Rotero Belgium are engaged in motion control solutions. They are responsible for the distribution of the sensors of DIS Sensors in the Netherlands and Belgium. DIS Sensors is fully focused on the development, production and sales of sensors, controls and electronics. Q-Tec is a specialized company engaged in the design, development and production of solutions in the field of mechatronics, which are commonly used in the medical industry.

Rotero Holding

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DIS Sensors is part of Rotero Holding

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