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Some sensor types can be configured by the customer. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities: 

QG40N series (inclination/acceleration/tilt switch) 

To configure sensors from this series DIS sensors has developed a tailor-made configurator:


This configurator is connected to the sensor and the USB port of your PC. A PC application will show all the options available. The tool is capable of reconfiguring calibrated QG40N sensors with a standard PC. It can read the actual sensor settings, shows all relevant parameters and offers the possibility to reconfigure the device while keeping the calibration data.

QG40N series configurator 4.0 is the current version we sell. All versions higher than 3.0 are compatible with the PC application V3.10. Customers who bought the QG40N series configurator v1.1 (or other versions before 3.0), need to download the old PC application.

For QG40N series configurator v3.0 (and higher)

1. buy the required hardware - order code: 12380

2. download and install the PC application: PC software v3.16

3. download datasheet for QG40N configurator

More information can be found on the manual:

Manual for QG40N configurator 

For QG40N series configurator 1.1 (or other versions before 3.0)

We don’t offer this old version anymore, but you can still download the PC application and support document on our website.

1. download and install the PC application: PC software v2.0

2. download manual for QG40N configurator

The old configurator 1.1 (or other version before 3.0) could face problems with installing the PC application in windows 10, please read the solution here:

Manual for installing zadig tool

Breakout Cable

The breakout cable is a very handy tool if your sensor has a cable instead of a connector. It has 3 clips that can be easily clipped to the cable of the sensor. And at the other end is an M12 male connector which you can connect directly to the configurator. If you wish to order the breakout cable, please use order code 12345.

Break out cable
Red: + supply voltage
Black: GND
White: zeroing  


QG65(N)/QG76(N) CANopen series

Via the CAN object dictionary, many sensor parameters can be configured. All possibilities are described in the appropriate CAN user manual.

There is no special configurator available because each customer is using the configuration capabilities of their own CAN master/standard CAN programming tools like Codesys or Peak CANopen Magic. 

QG65N/QG76N CANopen Safety series 

All information/downloads for this series can be found here.

QG65D/QG76D and QG65N2/QG76N2 CANopen series 

The newly released QG65/76D series dynamic inclinometers and QG65/76N2 series with CANopen interface can be configured either via the CAN object dictionary in a traditional way, or with this tailor-made configurator set, which comprises:  

  1. USB-CAN dongle (Peak USB-CAN IPEH Interface adaptor)  
  2. CAN power box with power adapter connection  
  3. 0.3 m CAN cable for connecting the sensor  
  4. Power adaptor
  5. PC application

(DIS configurator set CAN)

For more details, see the DIS configurator overview.

To run the DIS configurator set CAN, you need to: 

1. buy the required hardware: order code '12750'(DIS configurator set CAN) 

2. download and install the software  

3. download the manual


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