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Depending on your wishes and your requirements you can find the tilt switcht suitable for your situation by using our product selector.

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Are you not sure yet what sensor to choose? It is possible to view and compare the specifications of different tilt sensors which makes it easier for you to find the right tilt sensor.

  • define the main criteria the sensor has to meet
  • select from the remaining tilt switches max. 3 sensors that you want to compare (last column)
  • click on “compare” at the bottom of this page

If you cannot find a suitable sensor after all, please contact your local distributor. Perhaps they can help you to find the right sensor or together we can develop a sensor that meets your requirements. 

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Product picture Model Measuring Centering Housing ConnectionAccuracyCertificationPdf Select
QG65-KD-060H-ASN-CM2 axisYesPlasticM12< ±0,2° (switch point <20°) < ±0,4° (switch point >20°)CE
QG65-KD-060H-ASP-CM2 axisYesPlasticM12< ±0,2° (switch point <20°) < ±0,4° (switch point >20°)CE
QG40N-KDXYh-080-ASP-CM-UL2 axisYesPlasticM12±0,5°CE, UL
QG40N-KDXYh-080-ASN-CM-UL2 axisYesPlasticM12±0,5°CE, UL
QG40N-KIXv-170-ASP-CM-UL1 axisYesPlasticM12±0,5°CE, UL
QG40N-KIXv-170-ASN-CM-UL1 axisYesPlasticM12±0,5°CE, UL

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