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30 year old DIS Sensors proximity switch QX series to be discontinued

QX-seriesOnce a revolutionary design, recognized with prestigious awards, they quickly became the proximity sensor of choice for countless critical machine applications. Their innovative compact sealed housing and cabling formed the basis for many other sensor products, and they put their maker, DIS Sensors of Soest (NL), firmly on the map. After 30 years, with more than 250,000 units shipped, they have reached the end of their commercial life. DIS Sensors announces the discontinuance program for the QX series of inductive proximity switches.

When it was first announced in 1987, the QX series of inductive proximity sensors and their QUADRO housing formed a breakthrough in the field of machine control systems. Combining a compact form factor, flexible mounting options, excellent body and cable sealing and smart functionality, this new design offered an extremely convenient and reliable solution for the construction and operational challenges that confronted machine-builders in the 1980s as they made the transition to electronic control of machine movements. The functional excellence of the QX design was recognized at the Hannover Fair in 1988, where the Quadroprox QX 30 inductive proximity switch took away an iF Design Award in the Product discipline.

The proven success of the DIS Sensors QX series, in particular the quality and form factor of the QUADRO housing, soon led to the development and production of new sensors in the same housing for other segments, notably inclination, tilt and acceleration measurement (QG series) and rotary detection (QR series), with a similar demand for high reliability and good resistance to environmental factors.

The innovations in the QX series did not go unnoticed by other proximity sensor manufacturers, who quickly made similar improvements to their own products. Today, compact inductive proximity sensors have essentially become a commodity product: inexpensive, and sufficiently reliable. The discontinuance of the QX line will enable DIS Sensors to continue its tradition of innovation by freeing up engineering resources to develop sensors for the many applications where there is still scope for improvement in reliability and performance.

The production of the QX series is now being scaled down. DIS Sensors will continue to fulfil existing and new orders submitted prior to 31 December 2018. No orders will be accepted after this date. Customers requiring QX series sensors for new builds or replacement stock are urged to assess their future needs and place any orders well in advance of this date.

For more information or assistance with planning your replacement stock for QX series sensors, please contact your DIS Sensors sales representative.

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