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QR40EMN shaftless rotary encoder

QR40EMNDIS Sensors proudly announces a new member of the QR family of rotary encoders. Like the existing QR30N, the new QR40EMN now augments the QR40 series with a shaftless and therefore fully solid-state absolute rotary encoder, in the 40mm form factor. With optional redundancy, this robust, contactless and flat-housed rotation sensor meets the needs of machine builders for fail-safe rotation sensing with easy mounting and no need for adjustment.

Easy mounting

These absolute rotary encoders measure the angle between the sensor housing and a separate shaft-mounted magnet. The sensor measurement range is a single full 360° rotation, although rotation itself is not limited by any mechanical stop. On request, subranges can be factory-set. The clearance between magnet and sensor can be up to 10 mm, so mounting could hardly be simpler!

The redundancy option makes the device suitable for countless safety applications. Moreover, because the redundant variant refers to the same external magnet, mounting is no more work than for the standard type.

This type of sensor is ideal for all kinds of applications that would benefit from a contactless rotation monitoring solution in a flat, compact housing (40x40x17mm).


  • Absolute rotary encoder 12 bit
  • Resolution 0.1°
  • Contactless, no wear, robust housing, IP67
  • Measurement range 360° and subranges
  • Output 4-20mA or 0-5V
  • Redundancy option available
  • UL-certified, flexible, economical

A bare magnet is included standard. Magnet holder (M10x1x20 bolt) with integrated magnet optionally available.


Contact your local distributor for more information about this rotary encoder of one of our other sensors. 

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