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Application example: wind turbine deflection monitoring

Wind turbines will increasingly undergo deflection as wind speeds increase. This is normal, and the tower, rotor and blades can sustain these forces without harm, up to a certain limit. Above this limit, the turbine has to be fixated (i.e. shut down) in order to prevent excessive strain on the rotor, damage to the tower and blades, and dangerous situations.

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Application example: crane boom max. angle monitoring

Crane booms (e.g. truck-mounted) are often subject to movement restrictions due to the limitations of the mechanical design and hydraulic system.

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Application example: truck levelling

Trucks with platform lifts, crains and concrete pumps have to be proper levelled before coming to action. A two-axis inclinometer (being the digital sprit level meter) mounted on the chassis gives the control unit the exact input to hydraulically level the truck on a safe and efficient way.

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Application example: concrete pump arm position feedback

Concrete pump wagons consists of up to 5-pieced arms. The control-unit needs to know the exact position of each arm-part in order to control the right position of the concrete outlet by i.e. a joystick. When inclinometers are mounted on each arm-part the control unit can calculate the exact position of the concrete outlet. Moreover, if a certain movement is required (initiated by the joystick), the control unit knows which hydraulic cylinder or combination of cylinders should be activated.

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Why SIL2/PLd? Watch it in our video!

Recently we launched a video about the SIL2 certification of our QG series inclinometers and acceleration sensors. You can watch it in this blog.

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Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Performance Level (PL)

DIS Sensors has recently announced that its QG Series of inclinometers and accelerometers is now SIL2 / PLd certified. But what does this really mean?

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